Sending Hugs in the Post

As this year continues on at a pace (thank gawd!) I wanted to help send little snippets of cheer in the post for folks in the UK with the Hug in the Post home decorations. These special hugs are not just for Christmas!

Hugs in the Post – Home decorations by Stray from the Line

These cute little decorations are just 6 cm’s across and made from lovely soft, wool blend felt and are stitched in a variety of colours (each one stitched by me by hand). I package these up in a way that allows the sender to add a personal note for the recipient. Which makes these hugs extra special. I really enjoy stitching these and as mentioned at the beginning these are not just for Christmas, so I’ll continue to make them for as long as people are unable to give their loved ones a proper hug!

I’ll be adding more colours to the mix as and when time permits!

IndieRollerExtravaganza Continues…

Following on from taking part in yesterday’s all day virtual market, which I totally forgot to post anything about it here (due to my complete inability to schedule things!) I will be continuing the following offers until 27th November.

I’m offering 20% off when you spend £25 or more, this is on top of free UK shipping. Also, Halloween decorations are now half price and all gift card bundles are are now 3 for £6.

No need to worry about codes as it’s all set up on Etsy so nothing you need to remember!

Thank You and Christmas Postage – UPDATED

I just wanted to make a quick post to say thank you to any and all that have taken the time to like, follow, comment and purchase from me, especially during this weird-arse year. I’ve making and creating for a number of years, on and off (mostly off) but this year I’ve given it more focus.

Which is why this week I finally sold my 400th item on Etsy, now I’ve had my ‘shop’ since 2006….now you might have thought I’d have hit that by now but to honest I never really pushed it, never knew what I was doing with it and for some years it went into hiatus. I’ve had name changes and what I’ve been making has changed a lot too. Ultimately, it has been an ongoing experiment! Until, recently that is, this year has really taught me to focus on it because I enjoy it, but it’s still a learning curve.


Text says THANK YOU on a background of gold glitter and pink which has been blurred.

Also, have one other thing to add and this is the less exciting bit but important:


The following dates will be the last time I will be shipping anything before Christmas.

UK = Friday 14th December | ELSEWHERE = 4th December

Please note that these dates do not guarantee items arriving in time for Christmas, with the ongoing situation with COVID-19, post continues to be delayed. Option to upgrade shipping is available and all International shipping is now track and signed for, this has increased the cost.

Indie Christmas Essentials Market Tonight!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me these past few weeks from starting a new part time job (in retail…) only to find myself as of last night without work for four weeks unpaid (yay, for not qualifying for Furlough, a tale for another day) anyway, I’ve been distracted so much so I’ve not even mentioned or really had the energy to prep for tonight’s Indie Roller Christmas virtual market. To be honest on Monday I was in such a low place I wasn’t going to bother, then I had a few sales over night and in the morning felt a bit brighter so here I am hurriedly getting a few bits prepped. I am not going into this with the same level as gusto but I am going to show up!

I will be offering a shop wide discount which will be on top of my usual free UK delivery and gift wrap option. Keep an eye on my Instagram for to find out when the 10% discount has gone live and will be for all physical items listed on my Etsy store (excluding my digital patterns as they are already a bargain at £2).

So you will be able to get some amazing things such as:

Indie Personalised Gift Market – Date for your Diary

Over the coming weeks I will be taking part in a few of the amazing Indie Rollers Online Christmas Markets, the first of which will be happening this coming Thursday 22nd October!

Like a lot of folks making and creating it’s a bit of a new one and one that I am rather looking forward too. Sure, you miss out on the proper face to face of seeing people, and everything that goes along with being an actual market but at least with these events both parties can be in pj’s and no one will be any the wiser…all about comfort!

So, what does a mini market online entail? Well, nothing too onerous, no need to leave the house! First, take a moment check out the Indie Roller Festive Showcase Makers directory for the market, click me. You’ll find me listed alongside 185 other amazing Indie Businesses.

Then on Thursday 22nd October, head over to Instagram and between 7-9pm (BST) take a scroll through all the amazing offerings utilising the hashtag #IndieRollerChristmas that day. Simply, check out the posts see what the sellers are doing and head to their respective selling venues i.e. website, Etsy, etc.

Purchase or bookmark to your hearts content, knowing that you’ll be helping an amazing community in the process! I’ll be putting the finishing touches to my offer for that nights’ market over the next couple of days focusing on my personalised Christmas decorations:

Bundle of Custom Bright Baubles – Stray from the Line

I hope to see you that night!

Boo! Argh….

Spooky season has arrived and with it came a batch of coloured felts…

Boo Hand embroidered felt decorations featuring silver spiders and webs, and hand lettering spelling out Boo - Halloween Decorations by Stray from the Line Copyrighted 2020
Hand embroidered Halloween Decorations by Stray from the Line

Honestly, it didn’t take me that long to feel inspired to want to whip up some suitably spooky decorations. What started with a test for ‘BOO’ while I was in the middle of working on some holiday season decorations, snowballed…or mutated into a batch of Halloween ones. The combination of orange, lime green, purple and black just works so perfectly! Also, another good excuse to work on lettering, bust out the crystal fixing wand and play with some sparkly threads.

Boo Hand embroidered felt decorations featuring silver spiders and webs, and hand lettering spelling out Boo - Halloween Decorations by Stray from the Line Copyrighted 2020
Boo a set of three Halloween decorations by Stray from the Line

What was great about making these decorations was that it got me inspired to think a little differently about how to scale up my making production. Hand embroidering and making them up into the decorations you see above is and can be time consuming but by changing way I work stitches, and introducing fun but simple elements certainly brings down what can be quite energy depleting. I am a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, but by loosing up and doing something made like spiderwebs where no one was the same but quick to whip up made it fun, and means I could keep the cost of the set down, as the lettering as ever can take time, but again I did that in a slightly different way so meant I could speed up without compromising on the quality.

I am super happy with these, in all I made four sets of three, £20 plus postage (unless you are in the UK, then it’s free). You can check out the Halloween and other decorations here. Also, it goes without saying these decorations aren’t just for this year, they are reusable and heck you could even bust them out for Christmas! Merlin knows this has been a weird and spooky year!?!

Boo Hand embroidered felt decorations featuring silver spiders and webs, and hand lettering spelling out Boo - Halloween Decorations by Stray from the Line Copyrighted 2020
Spoooky Season has arrived – By Stray from the Line

Little Shout out for a Mini Giveaway

If you head over to Instagram and check out the post below, then you’ll have an opportunity for you and a buddy to each win a set of 3 greetings cards, featuring this cute print.


Kit Launch – Teapot Love

Couple of days ago I did something for the very first time, I launched my cross stitch kit!

I’ve always thought about making one but never pursued it because I didn’t think I could do it justice and the outlay for producing one slightly concerned me but at a time when I find myself out of work and in a middle of a pandemic I’ve gone and done it. I don’t think for one moment that I am doing anything ground breaking but I am very happy with the outcome, and already feel that on producing this first kit what I want to put together next and being honest, how I can improve upon it.

So, let me introduce you to my first ever kit, my first thread baby:

Teapot Love Cross Stitch Kit by Stray from the Line

I am really happy with how I got the branding to work, there were somethings that I would have loved to been able to do but budget restraints meant I had to make a few changes. I was able to keep all my packaging to be as friendly to environment as possible, sourcing boxes and tissue paper from a UK based company that work hard to be as eco friendly as possible. Making sure everything that I included in the box can be recycled or at least reusable.

It comes with everything (bar scissors!) to stitch the design and a couple of bits to help you to display it within the hoop which is also supplied. The chart is the size of a greetings card, you can keep it and refer to it again and again. With it being worked in DMC threads it means you can buy more threads and fabric if you want to stitch it again, which I hope you do as it’s super cute and would work great on a card!

In all I am super stoked to be able to do this and I hope people love it as much as I do. As it’s adorable and it’s an extension of me from the design to the theme.

Also to run along side this and for future kits I’ve popped together mini tutorials from finding the center lines to displaying it in the hoop. I will be creating more of these guides and sharing with you ones that I’ve come across that I feel are super useful over on this page, so do keep it bookmarked.

Interested in purchasing the kit, the first ten are now available and for those in the UK the postage will be free, and the first five folks to order a kit will receive a little extra treat 🙂

Bringing Colour to Christmas

Yep, I said it….Christmas and it’s only mid-September!

Sorry, not sorry, but as with most folks making and creating things for Christmas you kind of have to get the information out early. And, in my case the items I’m stitching are custom made and take time (not heaps but all adds up) to produce and post out. Let’s face it, time at the moment has gone a bit wibbly-wobbly and either going super fast or dragging…so one minute it will be September and the next it will be December.

So, I’ve been making and creating, coming up with ideas of things I would like to share with folks so that they might want them for Christmas too. One being these delightfully cheerful, and customisable/personalised decorations!

Overview image of three c
Bundle of Custom Bright Baubles – Stray from the Line

Aren’t lovely and colourful?

I love bold stitched lettering and lately I’ve been super drawn to brightly coloured felts and I thought sod it, combine the two and make them into something that can be displayed that isn’t just in a frame? Also, I really feel like this year we need bright colours in our lives.

I really do feel with this bauble design that I’ve hit my stride and found a style that I feel really happy with making. They are a bit of fun, as anyone who orders one gets to pick not just the letter for the personal touch but the colour of the felts for the front and back, the bow and the hanging loop. At the moment I am able to offer 4 different colours (yellow, candy pink, purple and sea green) which gives you 24 different colour combinations!

In time I might add to the colour options depending on demand and interest 🙂

Each one features my favourite trailing stitched lettering in crisp white cotton thread on a mixed wool/acrylic mixed felt. Formed around a wooden shape to give it, well shape. It’s very tactile and light enough to be hung on most Christmas trees or simply hang on the wall or a handle.

Or if you would like to purchase 2, you can save yourself £5 with this listing.

What colour combination would you come up with from yellow, purple, hot pink and sea green?

Love a Cheeky Update

Time for a mini show case of the latest items to be listed on Etsy, as well as a sneak peak as to things in the pipeline.

First up, I’ve had four of my recent cross stitch designs made up into printed cards, and I have to say I am super stoked with the quality and how cool they look.

You can purchase them individually (£3 – Free postage for the UK) or for a discounted rate you can buy a set of three of either the Tea themed, and Screw It! for £7.

Other things in the works:

  • Teapot Love Cross Stitch Kit – this is very much in progress and I the aim is to get it launched by mid-September. Samples are being stitched and you might notice a new heading has appeared on the blog ‘Tutorial’s to run long side the kit and to provide more instructions on techniques for those that are perhaps new to cross stitch or need a refresher.
  • Christmas Decorations – Yes, I’m working on something for Christmas, returning to my love of stitching lettering, I’ve posted the odd snipped on Instagram Stories, but I’ll be hoping to get this information up and out again over the coming weeks as I work on samples, pricing, etc. But think bright colours, lord knows we need it this year!
  • Screw it! Cross Stitch Chart – A little behind on this one but this will finally go live on Friday 4th September 2020, do keep an eye on the announcements.

Ta-ta for now!